Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I don't know!

Why is it that we always know? We know what is right. We know what to do. We know the numbers. We know the business. We know what's good. We know what we want. We know how to behave. We know what road to take. We know who our friends are. We (most definitely) know who our foes are. We always know!

So what is it that we do not know? If asked, ten out of ten people will say - The Future. We don't know the future. And all this "knowledge" I was talking about in the lines above is employed in framing the structure of "The Future".
What if man could predict the future? The phenomenon would render all this knowledge useless. Each of us would know what is to happen. We would love it. Why would, otherwise, a certain octopus become a worldwide sensation in less than a day?

One the other hand, what if we didn't know. What if we didn't know anything? Don't knowledge, information and awareness contain our freedom to think? Wouldn't the emptiness of our minds urge us to go beyond our thinking limits... to explore.. to wonder..? Wouldn't being free from the shackles of worldly wisdom help us reach another horizon of experience? Would "life" look any different if things weren't taught, if we were allowed to just learn on our own, from our own experiences? The main question is: Would this make us rather evolved? Or are we evolved enough now?

Does this mean we have to un-grow everything we have learnt? Or do we just widen the boundaries? Better still, remove the limitations? And if yes, how do we do that? Is emancipation the only way?
Doesn't life mean love as much as it means hatred? Doesn't life mean togetherness as much as it means solitude? Doesn't life mean giving as much as it means taking? Doesn't life mean happiness as much as it means sorrow? Doesn't life mean seeking answers as much as it means asking questions? ........

I don't know the answers to any of these questions. But what I do know is what to look for.