Thursday, December 23, 2010

And you will be changed......

I have seen people who are happy because someone thinks they are good.. and who are miserable the moment they realise someone doesn't approve of them. They try to mold themselves according to the standards of others. They try to see themselves through others' eyes. Well... honestly, I despise such people. I can sense them from a distance. I feel the repugnance before they even begin a conversation. I would like to think that I do not live because or for the opinion of others.

In spite of having such persistent views, I recently discovered a different side of me. It is an accepted reality that each of us wants to be appreciated. At school, we wanted to stand first. At sports, we wanted to score the most number of goals. At college, we wanted the most number of friends. At office, we wanted the most number of awards.

For me, the trophies and medals have always been important. But I have seldom chased them. May be that is the reason why even though I was going through a phase in which I was most de-motivated, I could not gather the courage to accept that sometimes, others CAN help you. That it is O.K to hold a hand that reaches out to you. That even small generous words can make a difference that your months of self-motivation couldn't.

Sometimes, you can find your greatest motivation in the smallest of the words. They can help you overcome the longest darkness and the bitterest experience. And all you have to do is let them reach you. They will touch you in the remotest corner of your heart, and pass by you in the quickest of the seconds. And you will be changed.