Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Growing up.

Why is it that the first phone we bought, although most primitive, is still the one that excited us the most ?
Why is it that the hide and seek we played as kids still has more value than all the X-boxes?
Why is it that we bring the sky down for petty fights, but could forgive even physical assault as kids?
Why do we remember our first heartbreak the most, in spite of going through worse pain later in life?
Why is it that there was more fun in saving up for movies, than sitting on recliners today?
Why is it that even three digit pocket money was enough for a group of seven, but a seven digit pay cheque doesn't make us happy anymore?
Why is it that we knew by rote the menus of all bakeries in town but today fail to remember the birthday of our loved one?
Why is it that after having been punished outside the classroom for the entire day, we still had energy to take the extra sports hour, but are drained by the time we reach home from office?
Why is It that we could easily accommodate a gang of kids from the adjacent building into our ongoing games, but find it tough to adjust with a new colleague a work?
Why is it that we could get over bad remarks by teachers the minute we got into our school bus, but hold criticism in our hearts for future vengeance? growing up worth it?


  1. Totally not worth it now that you have put it like that! :/
    But its so true..I have been having similar thoughts off late! Maybe we just started taking life too seriously! :)
    Wonderfully written! Love your style! :)

  2. I agree with Paarth. I have always wondered when we became these people? Sorta cynical too. We were so happy as children :) positive and brimming with life :)

  3. I know... i so agree with Parth. Similar thoughts and wondering if all this is worth it at the end of the day, sigh!

  4. Nicely written. Liked the way you portrayed :)

  5. As a kid we always dreamed of growing up and ruling the world, when we already ruled it well then :)
    Very well written.